Friday, December 6, 2013

Rumor of a new book?

December is the month of Christmas and I'm in a giving mood. I love all of the lights and cheerfulness of people, it's contagious. So yes, I'm sharing this news and it may be a little early to do so, but I'm just too dang excited! I'm currently working on a NEW BOOK that isn't included in the Breathe Series. As soon as I have the title and Synopsis nailed down, I'll publicly share it with all of you all :-D. As it is going right now it will be a new adult and I can honestly say I'm loving the story, thus far! <3 ~ Chelle

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  1. D. Youngblood, I can't wait to send it out :-D I've already written over 5K and that was in less than 12 hours.